The Oscars and Fashion

There are four cities in the world that are more closely associated with the fashion industry than all others. New York, New York; Milan, Italy; Paris, France and London England host the largest fashion shows on earth, but there’s one city that influences modern fashion in a different way. Los Angeles, California is the home to Hollywood and its influences on the fashion industry can’t be denied. Rather than fashion shows, Hollywood influences fashion through elaborate award shows and many brands, from Versace to Cameo the Label adapt to suit.

Red Carpet Fashion

An actress can have more influence upon modern fashion than any runway model by simply donning an amazing gown to the Academy Awards. In fact, there are entire shows, magazines and websites dedicated solely to critiquing the outfits of famous Academy Award attendees. Over the past few decades, the fashion industry has been heavily altered by the dresses of potential Oscar recipients. Some designers even use the Academy Awards as a platform to debut new pieces, because they realize they’ll get maximum exposure. However, some of the dresses have been far more influential than the others as they completely altered the way people think about fashion. People may watch The Oscars to see who gains the praise of the Academy but they inadvertently learn about future trends.

Best Oscar Dresses of All Time

Always the trend setter, Elizabeth Taylor became one f the first celebrities to use the red carpet as her own personal catwalk. In 1961, Taylor won the Oscar for her part in the iconic film “Butterfield 8″. However, it was the floral pattern dress that everyone remembers from that night. Grace Kelly is another actress that utilized the Oscars as an opportunity to mold the future of fashion. Her mint Green dress in 1955 caught the attention of all attendees as Miss Kelly went on to win the Oscar for her work in “Country Girl”. The previous year, Audrey Hepburn was all the rave, donning a white dress that flattered her curvaceous figure. The night was a true success for Hepburn who captured Oscar gold and the hearts of America.

Halle Steals the Show

Last February saw the hosting of the 87th annual Academy Awards. While there were a few dresses that received front page attention, none of them were as stunning ass Miss Halle Berry’s 2002 gown. This is one of the most sheer garments that we’ve ever seen on the red carpet, revealing Halle’s amazing figure. The dress featured a burgundy skirt attached to an opaque top. Well placed embroidery kept Miss Berry’s secrets safe as she went on to win the Oscar for best actress that year. The decision was controversial and the amazing dress from finders keepers the label that she wore may have earned her a few additional votes. Unfortunately, an actress can also hurt her cause by wearing the wrong dress to the Oscars.


Worse of the Worst

Some striving actresses try so hard to garner attention that their better judgement is tainted by the promise of fame. In 2002, Faith Hill became the butt of many jokes after donning a rainbow dress on the red carpet. The previous year, recording artist Bjork became the laughing stock for her dead swan dress.