Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce was formed in October 1921 to replace the old Hollywood Board of Trade. It consists of owners, managers, presidents and other key representatives from a spectrum of businesses and organizations around the Hollywood community.

Many significant accomplishments can be credited to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce since its inception. For example, the Hollywood Sign and The Walk of Fame exist today due to the efforts of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. In 1949, the Chamber raised the necessary funds to repair the original Sign, and changed it from Hollywoodland to Hollywood. A second restoration was done in 1973 with funds raised by the Chamber. In 1978, the Sign had deteriorated to such a level it could no longer be rehabilitated. The Chamber formed a Save the Sign Committee and raised $250,000 in 32 days to completely replace and rebuild the Sign, and subsequently formed the Hollywood Sign Trust to continue to maintain this important landmark.

In 1953, Chamber members generated the idea for a Hollywood Walk of Fame. The now world famous Walk of Fame was installed in 1960, and in 1962 the L.A. City Council appointed the Chamber as the institution to handle additions to the Walk of Fames. Also don’t forget that blackjack was very popular back then, especially in casinos but now you can play オンラインカジノ ブラックジャック from the comfort of your home.

Representing the general membership of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is a Board of Directors which meets on a monthly basis. The board consists of 36 elected directors plus nine honorary directors. Ten members of the Board of Directors serve on its Executive Committee, operating the business of the Chamber between monthly meetings. The Chamber has a professional staff, which carries out the Program of Work as directed by the Board of Directors.